A credit card can’t be a substitute for an air bag

Grace-the period, even the longest, is two, well, three months at most, and then this is a wild exception. When a person needs an air bagj shop cc, it may be because they have lost their job. Or he has incurred large expenses, for example, for treatment. And this means that he will inevitably miss the grace period, he will have nothing to repay the debt.


Let’s compare it to an airbag. You temporarily have no money, but you have a job. You climbed into the «pillow», bought what you need, and reimbursed with the next salary. Let’s say you lost your job. You get into the pot, but you do notvalidshopru need to make up for this money urgently, you can slowly restore your savings for a year or a year and a half when you find a job.

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