How to transfer a credit card to a loan from the same Bank

Can I transfer a credit card to a regular loan from the same Bank? This is possible if you are currently having difficulties goldentrack dumpswith payments, and you want to make a restructuring. In this case, you need to contact the Bank in advance and write an application to transfer your credit card to a consumer loan.

In the email, please describe in detail why you need to do this. It would be good to attach a certificate of income to the application, so that you can see the salary reduction, the order of dismissal, etc.

Not all banks do this. Most often you get a refusal, but if the situation is really difficult, the amount is large, and the Bank does not feshopcvvwant to lose a profitable client, then it can approve your application, and then you will be invited to the branch to sign an additional agreement to the contract.

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